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Silver Line on Track

Silver Line Traction Power Substation Work Begins at Herndon-Monroe Park & Ride, Feb. 26





February 26, 2016

CONTACT: Marcia McAllister
            T: 703-572-0506
            C: 571-730-9117
Silver Line Traction Power Substation Work Begins 
at Herndon-Monroe Park & Ride
Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project crews began work Feb. 25 on a Traction Power Substation (TPSS) west of the Herndon-Monroe Park & Ride facility. Construction activities will occur south of the ramp from the eastbound Dulles Toll Road (DTR), including manhole excavation, setting manholes with cranes, and pouring concrete to protect the electrical duct bank that will contain the 34.5kV lines necessary to power the Silver Line trains. Construction of the TPSS at this site will be ongoing through 2016.
The primary function of a TPSS is to convert and supply the electricity transmitted through the 34.5kV lines to the trains and the associated systems.  Phase 2 of the Silver Line will require nine substations along the 11.4 mile alignment.
Please Drive Carefully!
Image (above) of an operating Silver Line Phase 1 TPSS.
Construction vehicles and equipment will be entering the work site along the ramp from the eastbound DTR and exiting through the Kiss & Ride lot.  For your safety and the safety of our workers, please slow down and drive very carefully, giving full time and attention to the road, changing conditions, and slow-moving trucks and equipment.
A 24/7 emergency hotline is available for Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project construction-related issues: 844-385-7245. For general project information: or 703-572-0506