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Silver Line on Track

Innovation Center

The Innovation Center Silver Line Station will serve the Center for Innovative Technology.

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Innovation Center Station Statistics

In the median Dulles Toll Road/Airport Access Highway near the intersection of Route 28
Type of Station
Ground level
Station Facilities
  • Pedestrian bridges and station entrances from both sides of the Dulles Airport Access Highway/Dulles Toll Road
  • Bus drop-off/pickup (both entrances)
  • Kiss & Ride (both entrances)
  • Parking for approximately 2,000 cars (south side)
  • Seven bicycle racks and five lockers on the north side; 45 racks in the garage on south side and five lockers
Center for Innovative Technology
Scheduled to complete
Phase 2 construction will be complete in the next five years. Opening date to be determined by the Metropolitan Washington Area Transit Authority
Will be set when Phase 2 opens, and will be similar to other Metrorail lines
Trains are anticipated to run every six minutes in the peak period (rush hours) and less frequently in the off peak

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